Supporting Inspirational Schooling in Uganda

YUYO originally formed to support the British Council school link between St. Katharine’s Church of England Primary School in Bournemouth, England and Yurie Yoshimi Primary School in Uganda.

Now an independent charity, it supports 3 primary schools in the Wakiso District, approximately 35 miles NW of Kampala, Uganda.

Yurie Yoshimi Primary School was founded by an incredible man called Nelson who after losing the use of his legs following contracting polio as a child, was sponsored by a Canadian lady who supported his school and university education.  After qualifying as a teacher he wanted to ‘give something back’ and taught disadvantaged children from the local community under a tree on his Grandmother’s land.  From there a school was born! Over 15 years later, Yurie Yoshimi Primary School is a thriving educational environment with over 450 students.  YUYO seek to support them in their desire to become fully sustainable and since 2009 have helped build latrines, dormitories, a play-park,  teacher accommodation, sports facilities as well as assisting with their agricultural programmes and funding their supply of plumbed water.\n

New Eden Primary School was set up by an amazing lady called Flora who longed to see a school within the her local community.  Money she set aside to build her and her family a home instead was put towards classrooms and she herself is employed at a school in Kampala to help fund the wages for teachers at New Eden.  The school now has 250 pupils and YUYO have supported New Eden since 2012.  So far we have helped to build a classroom, dormitories and provided tree swings plus tanks for clean drinking water for the children.\n

Canaan Primary School is a newly supported YUYO school.  They have 103 children aged between 4 and 8 who are schooled in 2 mud-and-stick classrooms in a very lush, rural location.  We are excited for what the future holds as the children are simply delightful.  In October 2015 we built some play facilities at the school and our 2015 team of volunteers had a great time doing sport, music and playing with the children.’